About Us


1. Harshinee

Well hi , hello there.

This is me, Harshinee and am so excited to have you visiting my blog ! I am a Budding doctor living in Pondicherry, India .

I am pretty creative and nothing brings me more pleasure than making something out of nothing ,even when the results are far from my ideal expectations . I find the whole idea of creativity completely fascinating . My interests include – photography , novels , painting , pets , poetry , music , origami and gardening .

2. Arivarasan

Hey this is Arivarasan , doing my MD in Jipmer.

I am from Rajapalayam , Tamil Nadu , India. I did my schooling in Chinmaya vidyalaya.

Basically interested in music ,sports,movies and learning things…!

3. Gaayathri

This is Gaayathri, a budding doctor living in Tamil nadu.

I’m a village girl, who finds happiness in little things . I love to write Tamil articles and I am quite good in giving speech . Love to capture the nature and addicted to gardening . I’m interested in knowing about medicinal plants and ancient medicines.
Traditional bird! Learner! Budding writer!
Pluviophile 🌧 Bibliophile
Cross me with a smile .

4. Deepa Karthik –

Discover to be Discovered!

A working homemaker and an amateur blogger. My blog is a kaleidoscope where you can experience a colorful journey of life with a plethora of emotions. You can read stories from real life, nostalgic memoirs, emotions, and feelings. Join me, and I take you on a memorable journey through my life. I promise you will be relaxed when you share your thoughts with me. I will make sure you return back a happy and a contented visitor every time.

5. Charu Gupta –

I am a passionate writer and always get hooked to anything that boosts my creativity.

I believe life is a potpourri of many elements, which I try to bring out in my presentations. Life should be clicked from various angles to relish its each bite. Just live in between! Happiness is the keyword on the quizlet of life. If what you do brings happiness to you or people around… go for it!

6. DevEuge –

Hey ! Bonjour ! This is Deva !
I go by the internet name DevEuge. I’m a trainer , Photographer , budding blogger and now a business school student . I come from the little town of facination – Pondicherry . My love for writing directly came from my love for books . I share the love for both tamizh and English equally. On a journey of becoming Happiness Coach 🖤

7. Alien Poet-

Who is AP?

An IT geek (by profession)/ A Mechanical Engineer (by academic), a Tamil.

I write poems the day I could remember when we were singing rhymes in school 😊 Kinda from very young age. I would like to write anything that comes to my mind and a very straight to the point guy and will spare no words telling what I feel. I almost write all walks of life and a passionate language lover. I am pleased to meet you friends through , The Leo Girl.

8. Vicky –

Hi all !This is Vicky @ Bala , from Pondicherry.I am a developer.. Currently working at Hyderabad .. Interested in techno space ,science ,music, sketching , photography and obviously coding !

9. Saipoorani –

Hi ! This is Saipoorani , from Madurai.
I am doing MBA.Interested in dance and reading.10. Kothai –
Hello everyone ! I am kothai , from Madurai.
I am doing Msc Maths. I love to read poems and novels. Bibliophile! Well , I am highly interested in writing poems in tamil.

11. Ilse – (Poems and paintings)

Hi there! My name is Ilse , from Netherlands.

I love to make paintings and write poems/stories. The thing I love the most about art is that it makes you think. Everything feels a different emotion when you read poems or look at art, and I believe that there’s nothing more beautiful than that. I am honoured to be a part of the group and I hope you’ll like my work!

12. Swaethaa –

13. Light_lapse –

Hey there, this is Light 🙂
I feel like my mind is a storm of thoughts and feelings, and the only way I can clean anything up and prevent it from becoming part of the wreckage is by writing it down, in the form of poetrySometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t, but it always makes me feel something. I hope it makes you feel something too 🙂 My interests include learning about myself and the world around me, painting, drawing, music, and making memories.14. Sara –
My name is Sara, and I live in America.
I say that writing grew up with me, as it’s always been apart of my life. As a child I wrote in journals, and filled notebooks with poems. I used writing for every thing: organizing my thoughts, expressing and understanding myself, and as a coping mechanism for difficult events in my life. I have always wanted to share my poetry with others, just hoping that it gives to others what it gave to me. (Instagram: @sara.words)

15. Atomic Depression –

Hey there,nice to look at you, looking at me.
An unrealistic imaginative personality I am,trying to hide my shadows from the saviors of my bright thoughts.Depression isn’t a soul.It’s a habit for the rusty soul.I try to spread positivity,while trying to provide for the smiles I can’t have.If I can’t have it.I can have you have it.Ofcourse pain’s an old pal.I rest at poetry and often a few quotes to feel alive.16. Whimsicalcrazewhims –
Whimsical in a way,Love to read and write,Stories in any form intrigue me, Help me learn and grow more,And writing just let’s out what I have in store.
17. Zena – Hey there! I’m Zena, an English Language teacher and continuing BA student, from Syria but living in Ghana.
I’ve always had the need to document my emotions and thoughts since I got my first diary at the age of 10. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and understand my emotions better. I’ve been told by those who’ve read my work that I’ve a talent for effortlessly converting thoughts onto paper. I hope you think that too! Currently working on my first novel! Glad to be a blogger here.
(Instagram: @wordsburst)

18. Mommy_Scribbles ( Yogita Zodge Ray ) –

Hi , this is Yogita Zodge Ray from Navi Mumbai , India .
I am an avid reader and a new writer who loves to scribble down the random thoughts.

(Instagram : @mommy_scribbles)

19. Anovicescribe ( Kartik) –

Hello people!! I am Kartik and I am from a village in Maharashtra, India.
I am a CA (Chartered Accountancy) student, currently in Pune. Well I like to read, but I do not read. I like watching Anime, listening to songs, playing badminton, and almost everything else. Writing isn’t my niche, but I try. Looking forward to share and learn.

( Instagram : @anovicescribe )


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. What a blog! 😀 I’m over from Pencliff, and I just noticed we share an author! How fun! 😊 https://pencliff.wordpress.com

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  2. Hi! Thanks a lot for joining Thoughts of SheryL!
    Great blog! 🙂

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