Why reflection is a common practice while ‘the ACT’ isn’t?

Photo by Elizaveta Dushechkina on Pexels.com

What is Reflection

Reflection is the change of direction of an energy such as light coming from a medium when it hits a surface separating two mediums. The light is allied to the subject when we talk about reflection. A diagram of specular reflection from school standards can be easily called up in mind.

However, there’s more to it. Reflection is an interesting word to learn. It has many definitions and many contexts. One of the contexts is neglecting which means simply not allowing anything to enter inside a surface but just pointing its direction to some other surface. Let’s put this in a practical context. The coming energy, the light, let’s call it “Enlightenment”. The surface it hits is “Mind”. The other surface it bounces back to is “someone else’s mind”. Now it definitely making sense.

The observed doctrine deviates back in the same medium from a mirror separating the actions from their direction. The context is as common as potatoes on the planet. How much philosophy and thoughts a person develops in his entire life? And how much of it is practiced?

Reflection in today’s society – Common Practices

I’ve read it somewhere that wisdom has become a “litter” in today’s time. No one wants to keep it in home, they’re throwing it into each other’s houses. I think it very much explains the state of morals and values among this generation.


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