Relationships & Breakups – Summary

So here’s the summary of my Relationships & Breakups series –

Communication is the key to strengthen the relationship. The medium of communication may create the relationship or collapse it. It’s necessary to understand the balance between the mediums and the skill to use them properly. Not only the communication matters, your partner deserves respect from you, not comparing. But a Narcissist cannot respect a woman, he may be driven by his lust but not by the emotions.

Real life is real, it’s not a movie. There’s nothing dramatic like Titanic or Slumdog Millionaire. Understand the difference between real emotions and staged emotions.

Breakups can be avoided regardless of cultural or language difference. People just need to focus on the communication skills and the importance of other people in their life. It’s all about the balance between two worlds the transition is happening between.

Below is the complete list of articles of the series –

I hope everyone would have enjoyed this series and learned a thing or two from here. I’ll come up with next series soon and discuss new ideas with my audience. So stay tuned here!



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