Being Sentimental might be bad for you

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Two hearts together and lavish emotions in them. Falling and rising in love. They drown in the eyes until descend the skies. An elixir for each other’s wounds. It feels like diving in the divine and creating the…………………………..

Enough for you to be sentimental I guess. Now come get out of the love island and continue reading.

Having emotions and being sentimental are two different things. Similar to the confidence and hubris. The first one is crucial for the relationship development and fortifying the hearts while the second one is an influence on the intellect. It is being triggered and needs to be dissected.

We’re living in a dramatic world, at least it has turned into. Literally everything we’re able to see, from a TV ad to a president inauguration broadcast, is cinematic and impassioned. Everything shown to people is mere a “deception of reality”. But what happens is that it is often confounded with the reality of life. And it is very much natural for a human brain. It observes things as ‘truth’ which is crazy.

dramatic world
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I mentioned “Love Island” in the beginning, which most of you would be familiar with. It’s a Television dating show basically. Honestly, I’ve never watched the show, I just heard the name of it. However, I have some idea about its content which has the similar characteristics I listed above. Dating shows similar to this one, are popular among viewers aged 16-34. Well, I don’t care about 34, but I do care about 16.

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