Mona Lisa Sculpture – Is it art or profanity?

mona lisa sculpture in bristol
Mooning Mona Lisa Statue in Bristol

So what do you see in this picture?

It’s Mona Lisa’s bronze sculpture in Bristol.

For most of the people who do not what art is like, this is a good example of a modern art to understand the humor of the artists, which is Nick Walker in this case.

I discovered this today morning on BBC’s Instagram page. And it immediately intruded me to the full story. I read comments on the post, and most of them condemned it bitterly. However, there were people who honored it as “form of art”. It divided the view in two perceptions. For one thinking, there’s nothing wrong with it, art could be anything, being nude is an art as well. This is valid.

For other thinking, this sort of sculptures are utterly absurd and send a very profane message to the people. Nothing could be more scandalous than modeling the most famous painting in this posture. This is valid too.

The piece is re-imagined as the original painting Nick made in response to the fellow artist Banksy, who said “Nothing more could be done with the Mona Lisa”.

The original painting is this –

Source – Widewalls

The sculpture is currently a public display in Bristol, England, spreading awareness about today’s street art.

Blogging was never so awkward for me until this post. It’s extremely uncomfortable to focus on my logic with this painting before my eyes.

Displaying such sculptures in public display simply demonstrate that more art should be created like this. It inspires the artists to do more similar work.

The artists like Nick Walker teach us how to respect a woman as an artist. The whole England will learn this soon.


Should more art like this be created in the world, which clearly brings disgrace to a woman’s body?

And I’d like to know your opinions about the term “Nude Art” and how it should be perceived?

If you want me to do more posts like this, let me know in the comments!






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