Putting restrictions in a relationship – REASONS OF BREAKUP!

Being egotistic could create a lot of problems in a relationship. Imposing restriction on their partner is one of them. Everyone wants to be free being in a relationship. It’s everyone’s right. However, it’s a common reason of fight between partners.

Usually boys tend to put restrictions on girls, rather than girls doing the same. It is linked to the fact that boys or men dominate most of the world. They’re more accepted and more free for their actions. On the other hand, girls always have to fight and put more effort than them.

This illustration perfectly depict the discrimination of gender in today’s society –

Historically, when our civilization moved to the farming profession some 12000 years ago, women would stay up at homes and men would go to the fields. It gave men an advantage of being superior and dominated in the society which eventually created the patriarchy.

Men have that ego and pride of their power they inherited from ancestors. They always want to dominate the woman. It is the prime reason why they put restrictions on their partner. They love practicing the power over her.

If we talk about the modern reasons……………….. READ MORE

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