Another divorce, another kid suffers!

Starting with a bad news today, Indian Cricketer Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Ayesha Mukherjee has confirmed divorce with him. She wrote everything she’s feeling in a social media post and stated – “I thought divorce was a dirty word until I became a 2 time divorcee”.

Another divorce, another relationship have ended today. One person and two divorces. They were together for 8 years with a boy who’s merely 7 years old. Ayesha previously has two kids from her first marriage.

Divorce rates have been increasing globally. More and more people are showing less interest in marriage. Thus, the fertilization rate will also be abated which is worrying.

So what’s wrong with today’s people? What just happened? From one point of view, it’s okay to be divorced if things aren’t working for you and you’re suffering. But it’s just “ONE POINT OF VIEW”. Just broaden your thinking a little bit and you can see a 7 years old child who want to be with his parents and enjoy their lap and love. That’s the most important thing he needs right now. Unfortunately, he’s witnessing a divorce. No need to say this that “THIS” definitely will affect his mental health, his perception about the world, about the people, even about love. Who will be responsible for this?

toddler girl holding gray book
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I’ve heard personal stories about people who are divorced and generally the reasons are frivolous and trivial which could be resolved but later amplified due to lack of understanding between partners. I have nothing to tell about Shikhar’s case. It may be a trivial issue, it may be a serious issue, I don’t know. What matters is…… it is a divorce. Never matter how it came!


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