COMPARING – Another reason of breakups

Well comparing is somehow related to the previous reason I’ve discussed here which is about Virtual Communications. To be specific, it’s Social Media, an asset of virtual communication and technology. In this series of reasons of breakups, this is the second article which is about ‘Comparing’.

When social media formed, it was meant to bring cultures together and to exchange cultures with each other, which was a fascinating idea. But the reality went exactly the opposite. The human mind somehow learned to “compare” their culture with other ones as soon as they recognized them instead of appreciating other cultures. It has connections with the feeling of proud of owning something noble or aesthetic as well. A lot of people search the ranks of their religion and culture in the world which may make them feel proud or shameful. It must not be either, however.

Every culture is unique in its way. There are no rankings for it. It’s pretty obvious that literally everyone has different tastes, choices, styles, and conceptions. When a relationship develops, both the partners have to learn the virtue of acceptance and are supposed to accept each other. That’s how it develops. There’s no place for comparing of anything. But us, the digital generations, have mistakenly learned it from Social Media by always counting for likes and comments. Social Media platforms are designed in such a way that people work for them and consider them as an important thing. It’s a clever engineering.

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