VIRTUALITY – The prime reason of breakups

Telephone communication began around the end of 19th century. The world could imagine the emergence of the Internet. But maybe they would have no idea about the real world communication issues it could brought along.

It was not that bad in the beginning. But like everything else, it kept evolving over time and overwhelmed the emotional relationships of people. Just like the number of components of ICs doubled each year, the number of unhappy people rose as well.

The communication advanced but the words suffered to reach to the heart. Faster devices froze the heartbeat of relationships. Easy access to everything has made the lifestyle much faster that many warm relationships couldn’t keep up.

Smartphones and social media was made to bring people closer and make them connected. At least that’s what Internet says. But personally, I don’t believe this fact. It is possible that it was introduced to “separate” people from each other which makes more sense in the present context. Because, that’s what the today’s reality is!

The more people will be separated, the more it becomes easy for the governments and powers to rule. Divide and Rule – The law since the ages.

Today, we use faster technologies for everything. It makes us habitual of doing things faster and save time. This habit certainly rips and disrupts the greatest virtue – The Patience. Patience is the key to everything. Patience keeps you happy. Running out of patience is like running out of water. And if you run out of water, how possibly can you live?

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