IELTS accelerating emigration in Punjab

Would you believe that an exam can have the potential to bend the branches of a deeply rooted culture?

Well, the recent decade of India’s Punjab province is answering this question positively. An exam which launched in 1980 by two British organizations, is rapidly altering the lifestyle, traditions, and beliefs of Punjabi people. More of those who belong to ‘Sikhism’ religion, rural areas, and ‘Jatt’ cast.

History of India says that Britain ruled over India for India for two hundred years. And the surprising fact is that the predecessors of today’s Sikh families contributed most in the fights and movements for Independence from British Empire. Those were true fighters and martyrs.

But if we look at today’s Sikh families, I must say they don’t even seem to have a rich and royal background which they actually have. Ah! the modern inventions affected this generation universally. Teens with eyeglasses and weak backs!

To be specific about the Sikhism culture, a high school boy dreams about six or seven bands in IELTS exam, followed by a western lifestyle in a famous country other than his own. Indirectly, he’s ‘begging’ from the British government, which literally was an intense enemy of his predecessors.

So what happened in the last decade or so that instead of working in home country and reinforcing those rich traditions and rituals, a whole generation is striving to adopt a different culture just for comfort and money?

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