Acknowledging the fact that we are vulnerable
to so many things and still be able to overcome it. Its a choice we have. This power that is hidden within all of us will find its strength. Its a choice we have to lay our weapons down that we held so high to preserve ourselves from the world that we think is hostile.
World has already made its choice. For the world we are child. The world would never hurt us. It gives us wings to fly and all the ingredients we need to nourish ourselves are provided to us. The world has always been our ally; saving us from so many unthinkable things that could happen. It could simply put an end to the very existence but it does not.
It is upto us, what we do with this life. All the things that we got from outside like thoughts and impressions. All the feelings that we feel have always been felt within. It’s a choice we have to be blissful, always happy and smile. Its a choice in our hands to be miserable or sad. It’s our choice what we choose to be.
We can choose to be the source of light that pierces through the darkness of uncertainty. We can choose to be the tree that gives shelter to others. We can choose to be the home for someone. We can choose to be who we are or there are endless otherwise.
It’s the choice we have to choose everyday, every moment, till the end of time.
Choices have always been our weakness. We can make it our strength by choosing to see the bright side or we can be the dark side of the moon, which has never been able to reflect light.

2 thoughts on “choices

  1. I agree.. it’s been described by many that Earth is a planet of free will. Have a wonderful day! 🙏🏻💝😊💝🙏🏻

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