adventure of life

We build walls around us
because we feel safe inside them
Like how we build a house
for us to live
But after a while
we realise
Living in such a secluded place
takes away our happiness
Breathing becomes burden
For we crave for fresh air
So we have built windows
only to cover them
with glasses
Watching the world outside
from these windows
and wandering in dreams
Dreams of to-morrow
of going out there

Then after a while
we realise observing through
windows and day dreaming
won’t take us there
So we build doors
that shut on our face
And we locked ourselves
within ourselves
And the key to this door
lost inside the house
And we think
that is how it is
We keep knocking on this door
In hope,
Someday someone will
kick the door open
And save us from ourselves
But the door
can only be opened from

I know one day
Everyone opens this door
to leave this place
To fly away from these walls
we have built for ourselves
To realise what we have dreamt
This adventure of life awaits
our arrival
So why not open the door
and go on an adventure
Adventure of life
Right this moment..

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