a quality

a quality
where you
no matter what are the circumstances
or situation
you never give up
whether your life
or career
you fall down
you learn
you change
your perception
past should not influence
the decision
but support it

this quality
as a human and a being
is rudimental
as surviving for us has
changed the meaning
we have to excel
to survive
not just feed our tummy
there is a thin line
it comes back to our relationships
what is important to us
the people who are surviving for us to survive
or people who are at their edge and limit
but trying to be with the person they love

we all are scared to change
we alll are under pressure
should we listen to our parents
we should listen to ourselves
what I choose
this life
that I am
I can never be able to live
this moment again
with the person I want to be with
so I resist reality
and become a person who everyone loathes and ignores

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