a walk

as i walk
dragging all the expectations
chained to me
making noises and miserable screams
with all the strength i can conjure
the destination seems farther by the day
with every step I take
i am a little too further away

as i walk
i see some crazy scenes
i get drunk to the brink
drowned in the blood of my sins
i have made mistakes
but i can always go back to the start
lest, i look back dragging these expectations
end up to an involuntary laugh

as i walk
with the marks of these chains
painted on my heart
i proudly look at the sun
i take a step forward
thought i could run
but the ground has taken a U turn
taking me back to the place it had begun

as i walk
leaving blood stains drying
i was not wounded,
but i was blind
crashing with air in my way
fighting the demons in my head
losing my grip over my mind
these expectations i will leave them behind

as i walk
freeing myself of time
singing unchained melody of life
i have just whistled all the dreams away
dragged expectations till they frayed
no success for tomorrow to stay
no countenance of love for my grace
i was in my head since the first step i take

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