what makes you emotional?

what makes you emotional?

is it losing someone
who leave us when they die?

what makes you emotional?

is it loving someone so much
and end up being a ploy?

what makes you emotional?

is it watching an emotional motion picture
and believing their lie?

what makes me emotional?

when i see a family of soldier
saluting flag
with tears in their eyes
pursuing and pushing forward the same path
that their loved ones once did

this kind of devotion and commitment
only comes with understanding
the sacrifice

i regret some choices that i have made, well i would have joined the forces. but i never had any guidance about the procedures or things to do or how to proceed with it. I was never exposed to that situation. i come from a village and without any resource or proper guidance. i am a chartered accountant, but i heard about it for the very first time in my 12th grade. so you know what i mean.

the internet has brought awareness in our societies and enabled us to take more sensible and appropriate decisions.

we can do what best we can and this is the best time.

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