I remember the first time I saw her
after a journey of 27 hours
the train was tired
but me
I was head over heels
I was excited as I could be
just to be where I should be
and it is
the best of feelings
the last station
my destination
as the train rolls over
to wards her
I am feeling the humid air
Seating in the door
waiting to reach her
at last
for the start
start of my life
I haven’t had bath
I was messed up
but all I cared about is she came to pick me up
she made time out of her schedule
to be there
as I reach the station
I know she is waiting
I was waiting
for this moment
we had a rollercoaster ride before
we could manage
to be with each other
that was a miracle
we made it

long gone the moments
I know
the sea breeze is still humid
and the same train
would be reaching the same platform
without me without her
the story will always find someone
I hope they won’t walk away
like we did

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