MOZART – Tourette Syndrome .

We all know who is Mozart, and we all know about his famous music that has filled theaters and operas around the world. But many of you probably don’t know what there was behind that prodigy of music that everyone was talking about.

Tourette syndrome – This syndrome, despite being followed by the words “school failure” or “disability”, but also goes hand in hand with the words “empathy”, “joy”, and “musicality”.

Various studies have attributed this disease to Mozart, stating that this would explain his great abilities with music.

More than six hundred pieces of music that would’t had been created if it wasn’t for a change in the genetic material. A disease, something that everyone considers a damnation, brought out something that is heard all over the world. A syndrome causing viewers to shed tears when listening to it.

And maybe that’s why it’s special, perhaps it should be so. Perhaps it was fate that Mozart triumphed, to visualize a disease so little known, and that only affects 1 in 20,000, a baby, who will probably one day be a Prodigy of music, just like Mozart.

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  1. Interesting. A revelation.

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