“it’s a story of past
when the resentment had
started to accumulate
things seemed perfect outside
little by little
who would have known
the heart had started to speculate
things kept, hidden inside
held back to discern
neither spoken of
these feelings were ignored
not given a chance to speak
for themselves
these feelings were imprisoned
until one day
the day, when it happens
all the unheard feelings
occupies whole of the heart
you realise
this rebellion had started long back
there is no space for love or reconciliation
resentment had conquered it all
what was left a notion of freedom
understanding and communication
were never party to action
anger was the general of war
and love had long gone
out on vacation
the war never did happen
opponent was too weak and surrendered
there was no chance of peace
no mercy to plead
love and emotions were butchered and killed
the revolution was now complete
and the conquest had begun
with the sacrifice of
our dear someone’s”

This often happens with almost all of us, where we refrain from being straightforward with others. We do not speak our heart to the people we love. Out of fear of invalidattion or losing the other person. We think it may hurt them, we think it’s not important and ignore our own feelings. All the things just burst out like a balloon, others caught by surprise, do not know what to do. Because for them everything was fine and perfect.

It is a standard case of miscommunication and mis- understanding. We have a mind and memory, we know how to communicate. So whenever you get chance, reconcile the differences. Speak your mind with your loved once. Don’t hold back. When you release yourself and communicate the issues, you never know the reaction of others might surprise you and ease your pain and things would not end up in pieces. Do it before it’s too late. Take out that veil, and be yourself.

Life won’t give you second chance with the same people in the same place, better make it worthwhile whilst you can.

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