Hey You :)

What is wrong and what is right? Who decides that? Do we have the right to judge a human being if we haven‘t been in their shoes ?

We all know our limits pretty well. Our opinion and judgement. Sometimes we change it a little bit, sometimes dramatically.

Should we be honest with each other or keep secrets? Obviously there isn‘t just one opinion, so who should we listen to? We tend to seek advice from people closest to us but what if there is a conflict of interest? Can we just follow our heart?

In some cases I think I would be too afraid to loose the people I love, so usually it is better to stay quiet about some things. Although I think I am too quiet about most things. Important ones and irrelevant.

I am a big coward I guess and I don‘t know how to change that. That‘s why I feel so lonely usually.

But I heard words from a wise person and it was something like this “with every negative emotion or characteristic there is always something good coming out of it.” So you just have to try and find it.

Also, I think deep down we all know the answers to all of our questions. We have to believe in ourselves and never stop fighting for our happiness .

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