keep shining

I had fallen in love again and again
But when I ask myself
Do I want them back in my life
and I am uncertain
They stimulated that feeling inside
I started loving myself
Accepting myself
and now I am a better person
I see things differently
I learnt anger and ego are the silliest place to be
As they are gone
I will leave something in their memory
I will leave my anger and ego
My arrogance
It’s a tradition here, when someone leaves us and dies
We leave something, a habit maybe
Some people in our lives
Either take us down
Or they make us fly, inspire us
We start to do the right things
They were the one who made me realise this
They showed me the way
They are not here
I am not sad or lost
I have much more clarity
My path is clear
I will do what is needed
nothing more nothing less
And that is what I call my kind of relationship
Where you learn to be better
whether apart or together
Where there is love
A beginning and an end
We should never forget the cause of our suffering, happiness and pain
These experiences Good or bad teach us and make us wiser

It’s always bright when you no longer belong to someone or some place. You are just like stars in the sky, shining constantly, whether day or night. Someone sees you somewhere, someone doesn’t. To keep shining that is what is important.

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