a new year, a new dawn

the sacrifices that have been made
For us to be who we are
where we are
Are almost forgotten by us
For who we want to become
I have innumerable memories of people I love
Doing things for me
I thought they were just doing what they want
And I kept doing mine
Enjoying life
Without any kind of strings attached
Living away
But I did not do anything for them
As in, I do things when it’s necessary
I will always be there
When it’s needed
Not for all sorts of things and feelings
Not share every moment of my life
Whether small or big
Significant or insignificant
It’s just I did not care enough to be someone else
But sometimes I feel
If I became someone they want
They would be much more happier
But lest I am like this person I have become
Intruded by many people
My thoughts and life
Our lives are so small compared to everything we live
Once time comes and we are gone
And still somethings make us do somethings
We die in caution
A new year is about to begin
Confused as I am to live
To live
Without hesitation
To live
In a complete breathe
That we all ought to do
No matter what, wherever this pandemic goes
I wish all of us do the best we can
And make this world a better place
And make us be and do our best
All the time

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