is it about losing someone
that you still hold on
is it just a want to be with someone
that we tend to do stupidest of things in our lives
no matter what drives this or us
to keep waiting
is an individual choice
people can heal
somethings which have been done
cannot be taken back
but with time accepted
when was the last time i felt like this
each and every time
but when the bond is just lust
or need to be dependent on someone
it drives me crazy
no matter what happens
or happened
feelings and emotions can not be forced to change
sometimes somethings are meant to be
but yet we don’t see it without prejudice
because the freedom that we seek
comes from within
and when we start a relationship from that place
where we are perfectly happy with ourselves
there won’t be any need for someone to be always around
or there is no space that we need from the other person
or there won’t be any kind of secrets
i started loving someone from that place
and what do i need
or to be loved back?
i need someone to love me from the same place too
and not out of some need
or to get over someone
atleast this much sincerity
can go a long way
to build up something as beautiful as this
a companion for life
with a touch of integrity

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