start of something beautiful

it is so important to make right choices at right time
it is so important to make right decisions at right time
even though you feel like hell after taking that decision and making that choice
it is not important to meet right person
and that will make relationship perfect
it is important to meet someone who are ready to
do everything that takes to share things with you
i have gone through an enormous amount of change in last 6 month of 2020
covid has changed many things in our lives and definitely in my life
people who were supposed to be there forever has already left
but the choice was made by me, this time
and that void will be filled by someone and somethings
new jobs, new way of thinking
new way of life
but I will never be someone who gives up on people
and I try my best to keep my words
if we can not keep our words, how are we supposed to trust some one like that
and here my new journey starts, without regrets
without grudges
with doing something better everyday, through words, in deeds and actions
just to put a smile on strangers faces, helping someone where needed
and I sleep with a smile of satisfaction
to keep doing and go on finding my best in this journey

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