All the rough things that you felt
All the tough things that you dealt
All the memories that consumed you
All the pain that derails you
All of the things you think of
Are the things you can’t control
So here you are planning to fail
Or maybe you shall prevail
Out of the blue through the dark
You now know how to embark
But you wanna live, don’t you
You wanna feel, don’t you

Stolen by fate
the things those meant
Well heartbreaks do happen
So does the life
Roads are untraveled
But bends are alive
Seating and cursing everything
Will not cure
All the bloody things you thought were pure
You are for no reason became mime
You should have redeemed your crime
That smile you hid under your skin
That laughter you think is mean
You tried to become better through bitter
Well it was your sin

Don’t you go changing your clothes
You look good as you grow
So don’t you go change yourself
You are doing well
With what you have
You should not think what you want
Don’t go making no fuss
Hey, hey it’s time to hush

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