A jiffy impression

What is this unsettling feeling
I feel the moment I see her
It’s like my world is falling down
Being dismantled slowly
Or may be it is being built
a brick at a time
It’s like there is a warp in my belly
just above navel
Spinning round and round
like a spiral current
searching for exit
but so calm
Heart racing ahead of time
contracting and expanding
a thousand times
Blood rushing up and down
through the veins and arteries
rejuvenating every cell and nerve
and bursting them with joy
Mind so engulfed in replaying
everything it remembers about her
Her elegant body
an uncharted territory
yearning to be caressed
Her brown eyes
deep and beautiful
like a mirage
Curves like fire
heating me up
a myriad sensation
Her hairs oscillating with wind
like troughs and crest
a wave so surreal
I could not take my eyes off of them
Her smell like a potion
lingering around my mind
reshaping every thought
it was sublime
Smelling her cologne
in just a moment
I was on my knees
ready to surrender
It was like an ordeal
for me to accept everything
that I have been cooking in my mind;
dreaming about her;
So delicious and mouth watering
it was like I was drooling
making me look so desperate
maybe I was desperate
With voice pitching in high notes
I tried to reflect on my emotion
I was about to say
How much
I adore her
and wanna be with her
How I picture us together
holding hands
Like children going to school
Making pinky promises
of never letting go
I wanted to tell her
she means world to me
That I will be her shield
I will save her from this veiled world
At the same time
It was like every part of my body was
out of control
Eyes were locked up on her
awestruck and cherishing what they see
Hands wet with nervousness
and claiming that they were meant to touch her
Cheeks like crescent moon
started to ache
still smiling
Heart was pounding
As if it wanted to be acknowledged by her
of its presence
Legs deep buried in the ground
ordering to not take a step away from her
Words disappeared
like fog disappears after sunrise
And everything’s left unsaid
Congesting the very core of me
And the moment slipped away
Just like lightening
In the blink of an eye
she was gone

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