machined childhood

There is a machine called school
Run by these Trojan Horses who rule
We are assembled there as a tool
To fit in this machine as a fuel

There is a system called exams
Developed by these intelligent mass
We are tested there till we pass
To accomplish their desired tasks

They buy us with our money
And teach us how to speak punny
They built these machines to run forever
Where they can earn forever

It’s time to control this epidemic
And forceful teachings of these academic
And all those collection of thoughts and impressions
That try alter our emotions

Let’s break this chain of fake teachings
Where we get to hear their preaching
Where we cannot be free and who we are
It is the need of this hour

Let the children play to their hearts
Let them play their soulful songs
Let them teeth show their smiles
Let them laugh for a while
Let them learn to play guitar
Let’s not burden them with home work for hours
Let’s not make them go through
what we have gone
Let them build their own world full of stars

10 thoughts on “machined childhood

  1. I guess this should be circulated to each school across the nation to make them realise , how childhood is getting lost somewhere in burden of living to compete each other. Applause to such poetry 💛💛

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  2. A wonderful take. A good choice of words to. loved it. hope the system changes

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    1. Yes. It will change. Let us be a part of it. 😁


  3. Wish we understand and this happens.

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      1. When is the question. Right ?

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      2. Rather than when we should ask HOW.

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