in these madness of things
i am awake whole night
insects and some crows as companion
the lonely roads
leading no-one nowhere
sky not so clear
no stars to glitter and shine
moon just able to shade some light
bewildered and hopeful
eyes are rest-full
may i sleep tonight
mind in turn rebuking
as it runs
not everyone is previleged
to see the silence
no walking two legged machines
chasing something
distance roaring of vehicles
little breeze to keep me on
trees still
i shiver a little
think about things
bewildered and hopeful
heart has a question
will you live this moment again
yet lived
again and again
not satisfied
there i think about the ghosts
i am in fright
are they staring
after all mind plays games
like always
to make me feel small and insecure
leaving me in terror, sometimes
all these shapes of shadows
seem the same
nothing without light
as i am without you
lest, i breath
surely i will overcome
do i need someone
to be with me
to talk with me
to treat me the way i treat them
not everyone can feel the same
there are consequences
to be wanted
stop expecting
it is nonsense
here it goes again
playing the same old game
mind has mastered his master
but heart still knows the best
to find a way; away from here
where there is no light for shadows
to filter
where there is no obstacles
to clear
where i can be just me
with you
here in this night
cherishing the view
i shall live you
with this beat-heart
like a heart-beat

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