The world has been

placed in isolation,

a virus arrived

 and attacked every nation.

Planes have had to

stop flying

in order to try and prevent

people from dying.

Stock markets have been

put in a spin

as governments struggle

to find a way to win.

Pumping money

into their economies

can only be seen as

a short term remedy.

Scientists are working overtime

searching for a cure

while people are reaching the limit

to what they can endure.

Some politicians were too quick

with their opinions

and now their nations are paying

 for their decisions.

Faces of refugees have disappeared

from our screens,

replaced by celebrities

cashing in on their quarantine.

No one can say with any reassurance

what happens next

as this virus strain

continues to perplex.

man with wings standing on brown mountain peak
Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

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