Take your decision
With some precision
What you wanna do?

Make it happen
If you are mistaken
Where you went wrong?

Chose wise choices
Listen to your inner voices
If it’s worth?

Be confident
Do what you do
Is there anything wrong in it?

You are born
You will die
Does that mean you shouldn’t smile?

Meaning finds meaning
When you are yourself
Are you living your life?

Be a child
When you are old
Are you agreeing to disagree?

Actions speak aloud
Words are not our proud
Are you listening?

Recognise the patterns of time
They are worst when you did a crime
If you only are innocent?

You are perfect in your own way
Don’t you feel down
You must understand the meaning of life
As you hold that invisible crown
This breathing, this bleeding,
They come together in you

You can be a tear
But be a smile
You can cry
But you should not whine
You are who you are
There is nothing you should change
You wanna be perfect
Even the world is not perfect

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