“I knew it
Before it began
this journey…
of love
I saw the dead end
But still…
I did it anyway”

Sometimes it just happens so. We do not think but we do it. Knowing there is nothing we can do about it.
Just like we hop on train, set to reach a certain destination. Stopping at intermediate stations, through tunnels and landscape full of skyscrapers and sun playing hide and seek with them. Hiding behind them just to be seen the next moment. But the journey is going to end. We know it. We still do it.
Doing our best in every situation is all that we can do. Life is all about it. Just hop on this train; doing what best we can; enjoy the view and company and disembark. No matter the end.
Maybe this is what helplessness is. Knowing there is an end but still ignoring it, rather than accepting it; or vice versa.

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