The blank page

A blank page is a hope for new start .

everything is and have origin from nothing,

everything even from the universe to the building of the emperor have origin from nothing.

A blank page is just a start for new thing. While seeing a blank page. Our life is similar to a blank page ,at the time of birth we are all just a similar to a blank page,with nothing but a life to be filled with experience, a blank page.

Althrough my life, I am just pushed forward to fill that blank page in the mean of my life. Do you know how i filled my blank page..? Before realising the beauty of life i just pushed into a race of living, where we have to live no matter how we live, how we feel matters nothing you should just go on. My life filled with hatred and desperate, with a hope of finding miraculous hope by hiding in a unrealistic world.

I just lived in a dream world instead of living the world with dreams.

I made imaginary friend because of getting hurt by a real one.

Throughout my life i just programmed for running forward towards a mirage of success.

Every step forward to the mirage it appears far. Without knowing the truth i just miles and miles of my life for a unrealistic success, i feel exhausted for going towards the mirage. I just take pass by looking back.

I just asked myself, ” who am I” really “who am I” and “what am i doing with my Life”

My life filled with hope less nights, hatred for myself, desperate for life, longing for care, feeling of security, yearning for unconditional love, my child hood days are filled as life with no meaning infact my whole life. I just ran in the race with the hope of getting what i missed in my life, now i realise it is unrealistic. Instead of filling my page with the realistic, happy and exciting moment, i just filled with a meaningless words.

So i just pass for a moment with giving up all the hope i have , all the desire i had,here after i am not who i am. And even i dont know, i am quiting the race with a mirage of success. I am just going to stay there still. Let the written papers of my life vanish in vain.

Now i consider my life “A blank page” with nothing to expect, nothing to go further i am staying, instead of getting the mirage of success, i just want to be defeated by realistic failure. From now on my life is ” A blank page” and i just intensionaly left that way. ..

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