Bond of Friendship

Out socialising

every Saturday night,

a group of friends

whose bond was tight.

Laughing and joking

with no worries in their heads,

nobody ever went home

early to their beds.

Some got married

while others remained single,

but they all promised

they would make time to mingle.

Over the years

the bond began to loosen

and for some having to meet

became a nuisance.

They found now they had

very little in common

and these nights out

were no longer fun.

But for others

this bond was all they had

and to witness it breaking

was very sad.

Those treasured memories

of their younger days

kept them company

in their darkest days.

A bond of friendship

that some may wish to forget

is for others one of life’s

greatest assets.

people silhouette during sunset
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1 thought on “Bond of Friendship

  1. Soooo relatable! 💕

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