A dream full of drama
A sentence full of comma
A dot that defines the end
A path that starts with a bend
A star with blinking of its own
A child who is now grown
Like a river that makes her path
I am a stranger with a big laugh

So the life you see
You are the one who reveal
I know its hard for you to believe
When I say its real

I am a stone carved by passion
I have the love cursed by obsession
Passing the time that leaves impression
Like a tattoo carved out of frustration
My unconscious mind starting to prevail
Like life there is no trail
That’s how we live
I am off of finding myself
the shadow knows the deal
Hiding the truth
For you to believe
and then you achieve

I am a dreamer
I am an underdog
I am a failure
I am an optimist
I want it realistic
This life
This love
A heartbreak
And a reason to be awake!!!

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