Me. You. Us

I’m no life coach. Nor a therapist (only a Sociologist).
But I can tell you this; defining who you are is no simple thing. There are colors which beam with different shades. One shining brighter in a different light… in a different darkness.

Habits. Desires. Ideas. Memories. Mostly desires. All shaped by how we’ve bombarded with the trajectory of other people’s lives. And together they clash, bursting into small circumstances — like stars scattering in the sky, twinkling bright in the night — and what we seem to call reality.
Circumstances indeed they are. Nevertheless, they craft us into beings of purpose; whatever purpose we feel entitled to… whatever purpose we seem to desire.

It’s all about the moments we’ve had to walk on this earth, and accumulating notions about truth, reality, and life itself. And us, the kind of people we are deep down.

We’ve gathered moments and symbolised…

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