“In the light
darkness resides
Where we dream
and we hide
Searching for shadows
to tame the light
Light and darkness
a friend in time
Merge them together
grey you’ll find
In the light
darkness resides”

The in betweens of life,
sometimes sorrow and grief,
sometimes pure happiness and bliss.
That grey area, where we are just ourselves.
Like the day and night; morning and evening, in between we love and cherish.
Without going through light and dark we won’t find that grey, that we seek.
So do not fear or stumble,
do not let your feet tremble,
when you find yourself in light passing through dark,
you will find that grey area,
that you so solemnly want

13 thoughts on “Grey

  1. Hi. Happy Tuesday. Thanks for sharing such a beautifully penned poem. I love the imagery. Sometimes greyness is a good place to be. Have a great day. Goff

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    1. Hey Goff, thank you!! Have nice day. 😁

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      1. Cheers. Best Regards

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    1. Hey thank you so much Era!! 😁


      1. most welcome 😊

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    1. Happy that you could relate. 😁


      1. Yes I did indeed. 😊

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