we are getting old

“We all are going to get old

We all do things
We all make mistakes
We all try to take as much as we can for our own-selves
We are selfish
We all try to win
We do hate and hurt people in between
We fall for desires
We get jealous and feel enmity
We try to find treasure in each other’s skins

We all are going to get old

Before we lose ourselves
We must think
What will we do when we will be old?
These memories will be there
Like roots of a tree
Reminding us of our journey
Like a bird has lost direction
After losing the sight
Searching for its home

We all are going to get old

So we all should think before we do
No matter what
When we will be old
We should have good memories to cherish
and laugh about, not loathe and regret
Memories that would make us feel proud
and not hate ourselves
Memories that would make us smile and not cry
Memories that would define us and how we lived this life

We all are going to get old

Sitting on a chair
Wrinkles on face and some white hair
When you will play these memories
You should smile
Though there are no teeth to shine
In this one way journey of time
This story will be your soul
In your own script
you are playing the lead role

We are getting old”

There are so many things we as a generation of people we are getting attracted to or driven by. Like drugs, sex, money, fame, popularity, etc. There is no end to these obsessions, there is no end to human desires. In search of the things we don’t need but want we end up doing alot of things; bad things, injust things, cruel things. But everything comes back to us in the end.

So this poem is a reminder, for me to not get lost and lose myself!!

Let me know what you guys feel.

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