The last ten seconds of my Life.

Death is one of the prime concepts that I talk about, relating to almost all discussions about life with anyone. But it’s not about anticipating or letting death to happen without giving a fight, but to accept and embrace it with a smile if you have arrived in the last moments of your life. Can we all really do this? Smile while dying ? The answer to that question is Yes. But how ?

Five years back, a warm summer day became as cold as possible when I was taken by a huge wave on a beach which was so calm until then. It was a lonely shore that had only me and four of my friends, just chit chatting and were ready to leave. The sea abducted me when I wanted the wave to nothing but kiss my feet. I was taken inside the sea in a matter of seconds and to my friends, Dev just vanished and all they could get is peek of a pair of legs in the sea as I was toppled completely.

With my zero knowledge about swimming, I was trying to get out of the sea with every possible action of my hands and legs. At one moment I realized I can’t do anything anymore and it’s time to give up. I opened my eyes even when it was hard, I saw a ray of sunshine through the waters, I believed it is the last time I’m going to be seeing anything and it is so far the best sunshine I have ever seen in my life. I smiled and I closed my eyes. accepting that my time has come.

In a matter of seconds I could feel a swift drag and before I could I think I’m moving inside the ocean, I did feel thrust against a surface and I knew I’m on the shore again. My friends saved me. Now, this incident did give me a new found meaning for life and also made me understand I was ready for death due to the one quote that always keeps rolling in my head.

” Begin with the end in mind” – Stephen R. Covey

Life is nothing but a process with death as end. I may or may not get the Degree I want, travel to places I love, meet that perfect soul, but I’m dying someday, which is for sure. Understanding this very deeply can give you the mantra of smiling at death. To start with, just close your eyes and imagine that you are said by a doctor that you gonna die in an hour. Feel that restlessness, the fear, the heavy thoughts and everything that flows right through your brain to your heart. Now at this moment, you may feel regrets, but the beauty of regrets at the dying moment is that it reveals things that really matter to you. The soul communicates real hard when it knows it has no time left.

Those actions that you can take to move an inch closer in getting rid of death regrets should be the days of your life. Those actions will make you smile, enjoy every step you take on the process of life and the pace of life would look so still that you can mindfully behold every small thing. When the only certain end comes all of a sudden, you wouldn’t feel regret rather a prodigious satisfaction that you did live your life abundantly. The only way to die with smile is to live with a smile, doing what you love, starting right now.

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