Covid 19- Alone but together

Life Became Blog

Pandemic has it’s cruel face towards us

It turns out to be the monster who separates us

It ruins the happy hangouts and beautiful pictures of us

It destroys the life of so many innocent souls among us

It intertwines between the poverty and well being of us



It did not change

It never will

As long as we have us❤ together

Help the poor kids with meals,medicines and memories

Provide as much as you can to the homeless

Spread positive words to the ones who lost their families

Pray for the ones who gave their life and working hard in hospitals just to save us

Thank the god who gives the strength and courage to endure this

Teach your family the effect of hoarding the things

After all

We are all alone in our homes


We are together as US❤ with our work..

We will come…

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