Old word – Redefined

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Someone asked me, why always sad and painful..write something romantic or about eternal love for a change
I replied, because it didn’t happen to me.
However This one’s for you Sis..❤


Neither a fancy word nor do have a attractive vocabulary..

It just has 4 letters and sounds normal

For the ones who did not feel it or learn it

It’s a combination of beautiful pain and a poisonous glee

It means forever and ever with that special someone

It brings you the world under your feet

It feels like the December breeze when you are with the perfect one..

It happens to all of us with the one we wanted to look after ..

It gives you butterflies whenever you see the love of your life…

It swepts you off with that one look of their peaceful face..

It indulges you to do anything just to see the…

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9 thoughts on “Old word – Redefined

      1. My pleasure….

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  1. Love has different meanings in different stories..your definition reflects mine..

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    1. Thank you for the kind words..Hope your love always finds you❤

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  2. Interesting, thank you for sharing! 😁

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