Fate – It is πŸ’”

I dont know the path


I have decided to go along with the flow of


Is that the correct word!

Every time

It has shown me the tragic ending

It has given me the dreadful pain

It has frightened me with the lost

It has mortified me with disloyal

All That I have never wished for

I wanted to change it




I failed

One more time!

I am pertified and numb

Could not feel anything


I lost all my Hopes

I gave up all my dreams

I seemed to be distant from trusting

I unloved all of me

It vandalized the ravishing dream of mine


The word is correct!


It is….πŸ’”

With Love,

2 thoughts on “Fate – It is πŸ’”

  1. I’m impressed. Nice image at the top too. https://monthlycritic.wordpress.com/2020/05/02/calm-with-horses/ My latest review if you fancy reading.


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