No one knows the person

behind the words that I write,

he is a stranger to me

until he appears late at night.

Lying awake I hear a voice

letting me know how I should feel

and in that moment for once

everything seems real.

No longer do I hide behind

the questions I want to ask,

I feel braver and think

I am up for any task.

But this person doesn’t

hang around for long

and soon enough

everything starts to go wrong.

I retreat back into

this world I have created,

where I read the words

and immediately feel deflated,

for there in the words

that I’ve written

are all the things I’d like to say

but I know are forbidden.

antique blank camera classic
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3 thoughts on “Forbidden

  1. Deep thoughts….

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  2. Deep, sometimes I find my self in this moment when everything seems so real only to be tapped back to reality saying hello! It just a dream

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  3. Thanks for your visit, followed you ☺️

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