Maze of my Mind!

Everything seem to be fine a moment ago,

And the very next moment, there is restlessness, panic

As if the whole world is coming down…

But it is just a meeting that I have to attend, or the unknown subject,

Is it about getting anxious of getting embarrassed in front of people?

Or is it just the thought of feeling like loser…

Is it anxiety or depression or a part of me that has not healed?

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Mind has become a scary place; every thought is being scrutinized

Negative thoughts have kind of occupied major part of my brain,

Reminiscing times with lost ones or even nostalgic thoughts scare me,

I dodge, divert myself, think of something stupid, something worse than that,

I do not think of the thoughts that I should pay attention to,

Is it anxiety or depression or a part of me that has not healed?


Small tasks have become a hurdle to go through,

Make a mess of myself even when the task seems simpler,

Or at least that is what I think I did

Again, is mind playing tricks on me?

Or is it really happening?

Do people around me think I making a mess too?

Or is everyone too busy to notice,

Is it anxiety or depression or a part of me that has not healed?

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Life has become monotonous

A lot of imagination goes in my head to get away from real world

Everyone around seem to have a wonderful life

Or take great decisions,

Why am I the only one so bad at this?

Is this true or is my mind playing with me again?

Or am I giving too much food to negative thoughts unintentionally

Is it anxiety or depression or a part of me that has not healed?


Have a lot of goals in mind to do,

And I do get some things done or at least start working towards it,

But feel something might wrong eventually,

It has happened in the past; it might happen again.

Things will go wrong, they always do…

People will be disappointed in me,

How about I just avoid doing it? That is easier,

Just ignore the situation, divert from the goals

At least there is nothing for it to go wrong…

But is it worth it? Not trying than to at least attempt.

Is it anxiety or depression or a part of me that has not healed?

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Be it Anxiety, depression, panic attack or a part of me that has not healed;

I need to believe what I say to my mind matters a lot,

Even as I write this now, I am worried about how will tomorrow be?

Of what can go wrong tomorrow? Or what foolish things I will do?

Instead why cannot I teach my mind to think I will have a wonderful day

Why can’t I tell myself that I am capable of anything I put my mind to?

Why can’t I tell myself that I am stronger than I think I am?

Why can’t I tell myself to be fearless and go for it?

I wish it can be that easy, but it is not impossible though


I strongly believe we are what we feed our mind to and we constantly need to feed positive and empowering thoughts to our brain, to make it believe in our dreams.

Our brain is not positive or negative, it is just an organ and it will be what we feed it;

Just like our body can be healthy or unhealthy depending on what we eat,

You cannot expect to have a fit and healthy body by eating unhealthily. You have to be heathy maximum number of times for your body to function that way.

I think our brain works the same way too. Start a practice of positive intent and healthy thoughts that stirs your mind in the right direction to be fearless, confident and that which helps you grow every day!!

Easier said than done; but hey this what I want to feed my brain. Because, if not me then who?

The greatest work we can do is on oneself!!

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