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My cousin sent me an old photo the other day

It had all of us including my mom,

I could see her back and hands in the picture…

Memories are a funny thing and pictures in particular make you feel the person

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Or at least in that moment, I could feel her hands

Those soft and warm hands, I could sense the smell.

Always wondered how it would be if she was here with me now,

I would have shown her the world through my eyes like I saw the world through her eyes right from when I was born,

I miss her, there are many times I look for someone for advice or just to talk to.

It’s not that I do not talk to her now, but just sometimes I want to hear her voice

Just tell me all is going to be ok…

There is part of you that is always alone, a part that has left with your parents.

No amount of success, happiness can fill that, and we need to accept it.

All we live is through their memories, through their pictures.

I have recently hung photos of my parents in my bedroom,

It took me few years to do that…

Slowly but surely, I started accepting that there will be void but also memories which will make me smile.

I just close my eyes and think of her. I can see her smile; I know she is smiling at me and I know she loves me…

I love her and miss her too…

I intend to secure as many photos as I can of her and my dad; jot down how many ever memories I can, so my brain does not blur out these images as time passes…


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1 thought on “Memories!…

  1. Very touching it is.. I know no one can replace parents.. I hope your life is always filled with fun and happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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