When It Doesn’t Feel At Home Anymore

“Just picture him around 6 or 7 feet. He has short brown hair, a beard, and he is wearing a black jacket. He has a brown scarf around his neck and he is wearing a blue jeans.
He is playing guitar in the streets of Dublin. He is singing to the passing citizens hoping they find it in themselves to appreciate his beautiful music by dropping some cents on his guitar bag.
Unfortunately, people just go on with their bloody business. Bloody citizens! No compassion whatsoever.
But he keeps strumming his guitar, he works his vocal chords and does it all while he waits for anyone who’s left with little humanity or compassion… and he waits… he just waits while he keeps on singing…”

That’s the opening scene of the 2007 film, Once.
And also that’s how it feels like, for me…
I’m just in my room, I’m waiting… I’m…

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