The Gentlemen Film Review— “The Air Is So Blue You Can Swim In It”

Man, March flew by silently. With all the chaos going on, I guess the resolutions we made at the beginning of this year are now out of the window. 

But it’s not all bad, there are always ways to keep ourselves intact. We can write, read, watch films, sing and dance. We still have our souls, we have it in us to do just fine even in times like these.
Just hang in there, mate.

Speaking of films, they did it again in 1hr 53 minutes and 16 seconds. Needless to say they got me by surprise. I wasn’t expecting any of that adrenaline, yet. But who doesn’t like a good story with a twist even in times like these?
I take my hat off to the latest movie, The Gentlemen.
It stars Mathew McConaughey(you must know him from the 2003 movie, How to Lose a Guy in 10…

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