I’ve Found It Tougher Than I Ever Thought I Would

Sometimes I have moments of not knowing how or why. Sometimes I feel alive, but colliding.

I just have these moments when I feel sad because there’s that thought at the back of my head…whispering… trying so hard to remind me that it’s all meaningless… everything…

And I would look around just to see people fall into the day with their lives which somehow feel like a prison— because maybe that’s not where they want to be….maybe…they want to be elsewhere and do something else…it just…I don’t know, it feels like… it’s just…a load placed on their chest…so they strain themselves to stay alive even when they aren’t breathing fine.

Sometimes I look how far I’ve come and then try too see how much I’m yet to experience in this whole journey of life. And I keep asking myself if I will be able to take it head-on as it…

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