Will COVID-19 Take Us To The Greener Side, Or Is It Doom And Gloom For Us?


I tried reading a book (not a real physical book, just on the phone), but I just couldn’t. A paragraph was only as far as I could go, and I would then toss the book aside. The book I have been trying to read is called When China Rules The World, by Martin Jacques.
I figured if I didn’t get the chance to prepare for COVID-19, I might as well prepare for the tectonic shift in social and economic trends- that has been slowly collecting itself underground, dusting itself off, while waiting for the perfect moment to pounce on the status quo and tear it apart.

But I guess we are passed that. I mean the matter of status quo. There is freedom… or whatever we think is there… but I can proudly say we’ve come so far…Talk of globalization.
I mean…of course it doesn’t work in favour…

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