Here Is To Everyone With Shit Pile of Problems About Identity And Insecurities…

downloadfile[2][1]In anticipation of accomplishing a goal, we premeditate. We visualize. We internalize.We plan. But there is that moment that you have to take a deep breath before you plunge it all in. In that moment you just wait for a signal, or certainty, or even morale. It could be anything, so you just wait.

You try not to think. There is a split second of doubt and slight back-pedalling, but you wait. You just take that deep breath. After that you put it all into action. It could be writing a post, working on a project, cleaning the house, paying bills, proposing to your lover etc.

I figured life takes us through moments like those. Moments where we have to stare at a blank draft, and force us to work on it. Sometimes you wait in between before you make the decision to dive in, at times you don’t…

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