COVID-19 and What Quarantine Might Mean For Us…

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This quarantine is killing me. Staying home the whole day sucks. I eat like six meals a day. I now have to watch movies and TV shows that I don’t even fancy just to pass time. It’s like an apocalypse, only that people still roam around the internet with their posts and videos.
One, it’s a good thing, it’s keeping people entertained. Two, it’s a bad thing, it’s distracting people from being aware of the gravity of corona virus and what it means for us, humans.

Maybe it’s all about natural selection. Maybe mother nature is doing her thing for the earth to evolve. Who knows?

Anyhu, we have to stay inside and two metres away from people and avoid crowds at all times.
No one has been reported dead in our country, yet. I guess that’s why people don’t take the warning about proper sanitation and the use of…

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3 thoughts on “COVID-19 and What Quarantine Might Mean For Us…

  1. Have courage. Keep safe. This will pass

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