The unexpected has become a reality.
The probable is no longer uncertain.
And the normal can suddenly be forgone in the blink of an eye.
Our planet has a mind of its own.
No matter how advanced humans become, they will still hold the shorter end of the stick.

Hello there, I am a teacher, who before this unbelievable turn of events, stood in a real classroom to teach close to 45 students a day. I stood before a class and could actually see my students in front of me and not through a digital camera. I touched the exercises I was marking and not the virtual version of it. I spoke directly to students, face-to-face, and not a blurred mage of them, and I taught a new lesson standing at my white board, marker in hand, not through attachments and recorded videos sent to kids who are quarantined at home.

Sometimes, I feel accustomed to this growing-norm of teaching online, others days the reality of this situation just hits me hard and gets me thinking how we’ve added words like “isolation,” “quarantine,” and “fumigation” to our daily vocabulary – Words that we came across watching movies pandemic movies, “Bird Box” and “A Quiet Place,” as well as zombie-apocalypse movies.

We’re all stuck at home in the moment. Those of us teaching online are still busy and so are parents who have kids to coach with the lessons pouring in, but about those who don’t study or teach or have kids to keep their hands full? What about those who are job-free at the moment?

I imagine them at home, switching from social medium to social medium, keeping record of confirmed cases and deaths and criticizing and cursing at politicians who are the cause of the wide-spread in the first place. If I am able to find the time to do that, what with teaching and taking care of a toddler and 5-year old, I’m very sure those who do not have such responsibilities are already graphing statistics in their minds witht he numbers they are reading.

I doubt they would be watching any movies because for once, our reality is more thrilling than what we only used to witness on a flat screen.

For once, we are all locked-in in our homes, wasting time away on our couches or in front of our fridges, hoping we will have enough food stocked to last our quarantines, giving nature a break from our trash and vengeful hands and machines .

Due to the legendary COVID-19, we are breathing less, but nature is out there breathing more than it ever has.

And it makes me wonder, how this turn of events has reversed the roles of humans and animals who now venture out of their hiding places and are seen crawling across streets and roaming deserted parks and playgrounds while…… we are in isolation.

How ironic is that?

How befitting it is for us!

Our greediness to know more in order to have more and to venture far beyond what we deserve to know or is needed to know has brought us to our early deaths.

COVID-19 isn’t a coincidence. It is a creation of our hands, a creation that wasn’t intended to hunt us down and entrap us.

But here we are, falling victims to our intelligence and achievements in the field of science and technology.

For the first time ever, our race is beginning to look down on scientists and blame them for this leak that went out of hand too quick. I thought we were supposed to be more ready? more calculating?

Politicians are killing thousands and wars aren’t the cause of our deaths anymore? or are they still? Is this a political chess-move to cripple an economic influence such as China? or is it a smart-yet-foolish move by China to cripple the rest of the world while acting like one of the victims?

Some say it is the wrath of God, because our sins have overcome our good deeds by a long shot.

Others blame the yellow race for their peculiar meat preferences.

What do we believe and who do we believe or blame?

One thing is certain only: It only ever comes down to man who is the creator of his own fate.

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